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Installation of fire protection and video surveillance systems

Home security depends not only on the technology and sophistication of the burglar alarm, but also on how it is installed and set up. To avoid false alarms and malfunctions, it is therefore always advisable to consult a professional.

Security systems in buildings for civil use

The ordinary barriers that protect the interior of each house, in many situations have proved insufficient to deter attempts at intrusion.

The experience of every day allows to identify which are the weak points (entrance doors easily unhinged, windows on lower floors that allow easy access ways, etc..) and then to establish, based on statistical data, the level of risk to which each house is subject.

The elaboration of this data has made it possible to construct a chart, shown below, which makes it possible to establish a classification of the level of risk on the basis of the answers given to a series of particularly significant questions.

The customer, having been informed about the extent of the danger to which he is exposed, can resort to safety systems that integrate the passive barriers already existing and that are adapted to the particular living situation.

At this point, the role of the technical designer and installer is decisive; he can propose various plant alternatives depending on the existing situation but also on the type of risk that one mainly wants to avoid.

So some types of plant will be directed, in a particular way, to protect the house during the periods of absence, in other cases, the structure will also be suitable to report attempts of intrusion that may occur when the apartment is inhabited.

Systems can be designed to protect several areas of a house and therefore can be activated in a partial way according to the different needs and habits of the owners.

Every system can be, schematically, led back to the following main groups of elements:

  • The sensors, or intrusion detectors, which react to abnormal situations, sending a signal to the control unit;
  • The control unit, which processes the incoming data and, when it detects a dangerous situation, activates the alarm devices;
  • The power supply unit, which supplies the system with direct current;
  • The alarm devices, of the most diverse types, from the acoustic ones (sirens), installed locally, to the systems that automatically forward a remote signal via telephone line or radio to appropriate destinations (police, security institutes, private individuals).
Our professionals' advice

During the project, it will be necessary to take into account the type of house and the use that is made, on the basis of data and information provided by the customer. In this way, it will be possible to determine the positioning and the kind of sensors to be used, as well as the possible partialization of the system.

The characteristics of the urban situation will determine a certain choice of alarm signaling equipment, which can be integrated with remote transmission systems.

The advice of a professional should be seriously considered: the quality and reliability of the sensors will be higher, the system will be calibrated correctly and you will enjoy a qualified after-sales service.

In addition, the correct positioning of the elements that make up our system will ensure its efficiency and effectiveness in case of intrusion. The installation by a security professional, unlike the do-it-yourself, will allow you to enjoy some tax benefits that can be an interesting incentive.

First, there is a reduced VAT rate of 10% for installation and maintenance work on the system.

In addition, it is also possible to obtain a deduction of up to 50% of the total cost required for technical inspections, installation work or updating of the system and, last but not least, the certifications required to obtain the tax relief.

These advantages require some attention from the user: in fact, particular conditions must be respected and specific documents must be presented, in order to receive a refund. For example, it is necessary to use for the payment a "talking" bank transfer, where the VAT number or the tax code of both the user and the company are clearly indicated, and to indicate the property registration data, when the tax return is compiled.

Observing some shrewdness it will be therefore possible to obtain an important economic advantage to improve the safety of one's own house!

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