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Access control


Access Control

Access control is one of the most effective tools you can adopt for security in your company, as well as in private properties of particular value and size. They are designed to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering restricted areas, and can manage up to 100,000 users, recording all events in a given location.

Entry control is vital in any context where it is necessary to ensure that only certain people are allowed access to specific resources, materials, information or assets. It is also important to have effective Time & Attendance and access control systems in place when, for example, collecting attendance statistics for payroll purposes.

Equipped with the most advanced biometric sensing technologies, such as fingerprint and facial recognition, our devices provide multiple methods of immediate, secure and effective unlocking.

Access control for

Do you need to equip your company with an integrated system to control and manage access to particular areas of the company or its entire premises? Von Wunster Next can design the most effective solution for your specific business, whether your aim is to allow access only to certain people or simply to collect relevant data and information. Controllers, Time & Attendance terminals, badge readers and standalone readers, with the relevant software, allow you to manage large numbers of users, logs, planning zones and times, and data storage. Contact us for advice and our experts will design a customised solution to suit your needs!

Access control for
Private Individuals

Are you looking for the right access control system to increase the security of your home? Von Wunster Next can design and implement the most effective solution for your type of property as an alternative to conventional (and less secure) external intercoms. With this technology, you can keep an eye on the movements of residents and visitors, arrange for access routes to be opened and blocked, and be alerted in the event of unauthorised entry.

The access control line-up

The access control line-up that Von Wunster Next has selected includes controllers, fingerprint and biometric readers, time & attendance, smart locks and software. In addition, by supporting SDK, CGI and Onvif (C profile) standards, Von Wunster Next's systems facilitate integration with third-party software. 

Easily connected with UTP cabling, the systems can be remoteised with dedicated software. This allows signals to be centralised even if they come from numerous access points, giving the operator greater ease of overall control. We have solutions for installation on turnstiles, for unlocking sliding doors or electromagnetic locks.


Access Control
in the Sars-Cov2 pandemic

Last but not least, in the last year, due to the Sars-Cov2 pandemic, we have integrated our access control systems with a mask and body temperature detection function with an accuracy reduced to 0.5 °C.

With the solutions designed by our experts, you will always have the situation under control, quickly and easily, so you can devote your time and energy to what matters most to you.


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