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Your Security Boutique.

Do you want to enjoy your home and leisure time without stress or worries? Are you looking for an anti-intrusion system that guarantees maximum effectiveness, security and comfort? Von Wunster Next's forty years of experience in this field means that we can design and implement the most suitable burglar alarm system for your needs and expectations.

Alarm system

With Von Wunster Next, you don't have to worry about a thing: we'll take care of your safety at all times, while you focus on your passions!

Von Wunster Next specialises in the programming and installation of the latest generation of HDCVI or IP systems, with digital or thermal optics.

Video surveillance

Do you need to regulate the entry of your employees into certain areas of your company?

What you need is an efficient access control system that informs you about the situation with maximum precision and in real time.

Access control

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Security systems

Security means not only protecting your home or business against theft, but also effectively detecting faults, flooding and fires.
Our security systems are designed to provide you with the assurance that your building is under constant supervision and control, and that in the event of an alarm there is rapid and effective intervention.
We can develop the most effective solutions for both domestic and business contexts, devising customised and tailor-made security systems.
From flats, villas and large properties to large corporations.


Alarm system

Our engineers specialise in designing state-of-the-art burglar alarms with innovative remote, locally controlled or smartphone-based systems.


Video surveillance

The advantage of installing a video surveillance system, which allows you to record images on an uninterrupted cycle and store them afterwards, is that you can monitor the situation in real time and also view the videos at a later date.


Fog systems

Fog bombs (the only Ava protection systems) can be easily connected to an existing intrusion detection system and are a great deterrent to intruders. In addition, thanks to the on-board network card, you can control the machine wherever you are.


Fire detection

Von Wunster Next installs high-performance point and light barrier fire detection systems that are tailor-made with devices that are strictly certified in accordance with current standards.


Access control

All von Wunster Next access control systems come with different levels of access authorisation, from a simple numerical code to facial recognition.

Specialisti in sicurezza, domestica e aziendale

The Von Wunster Next team of technicians are true security specialists: every day, we design and develop the most effective systems for the various contexts presented to us, from domestic to business.


Home security systems

Our home security systems are extremely easy and intuitive to use, both wired and wireless, and can turn your home into a real Smart Home, to increase comfort and safety, especially if there are elderly people or children living there.


Security systems for companies

Are you interested in our security systems for companies? We have the experience to offer you the most advanced and effective intrusion detection systems to ensure maximum protection for your business.

We will be with you every step of the way

We use only certified technologies, devices and materials to guarantee you the highest performance, products and services of an exceptional standard, from design to installation, maintenance and service.


For more information on how we can help you secure your business or home, contact us without delay, or book a consultation with our technicians!

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