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Fire alarm and video surveillance consulting

In order to perform adequately and meet high standards, fire and security systems must be tailored to a specific space, whether it is a home or a business. The role of a security professional is to advise the customer on the best solutions for protecting their home or business.
For this reason, Von Wunster Next pays great attention to the consultancy phase, and for each customer we collect all the information about the structure of the building before moving on to the design and installation of fire protection, video surveillance and security systems in general.

Tailor-made advice

To do this, we always start with an interview, which may be by telephone, followed, where possible, by an on-site visit, which will be used to understand exactly what the customer needs and to draw up the risk analysis. According to CEI 79-3, the risk level is distinguished in 4 values:

  • Level 1 (low): it assumes that the intruders have a low knowledge of the systems and that the instrumentation available to them is limited to commonly available tools.
  • Level 2 (medium): it can be assumed that the intruders have, in addition to some portable tools, also a partial knowledge of active defence equipment.
  • Level 3 (medium-high): potential intruders possessing some knowledge of anti-intrusion systems, as well as a full range of electronic tools and equipment capable of hacking a system.
  • Level 4 (high): genuine professionals in the sector, possessing the skills and resources to plan a breach in detail, also using particularly sophisticated tools.
The best solution from our experts

Based on the findings of the inspection, our experts will then be able to propose the best solution, with the relative level of certification of the materials to be installed.

So if you are thinking of installing an anti-theft system, video surveillance or one of our security systems, take advantage of the specific advice of our technicians! We guarantee you maximum clarity on costs and all the details of our products and services. 

Moreover, our consultancy is always free of charge (except in cases where we are asked for a project drawn up by a qualified professional - for example, a smoke detection system project for VVFF authorisation and CPI issue), and does not involve any final obligation on your part.

Contact us now to talk to our experts or to book your personal consultation.

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Contact us now to speak with our experts or to book your personalized consultation.

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