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Video surveillance system

Video surveillance is a very effective way of increasing the effectiveness of your alarm system. It allows you to monitor the interior and exterior of private homes, offices and businesses from a visual perspective.

Each of our video surveillance systems, both indoor and outdoor, uses the latest technology available to ensure a perfect view at all times.

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Video surveillance for Companies

Do you need an alarm system for your home? With the modern technology we have at our disposal, we can plan and implement customized systems that guarantee you maximum security whatever the size of your property, in any type of context and location, in the presence of the most diverse criticalities. If you are looking for a wireless home security system, Von Wunster Next has the ability to develop solutions that offer you maximum accuracy and comfort at the same time, thanks to the innovative resources that we can use today in the field of home automation.

Video surveillance for homeowners

Are you looking for a video surveillance system that you can trust with your property so you can enjoy your free time without worries? Do you need a high-tech solution to protect your home when you are away? Our video surveillance systems offer you many possibilities of customization according to your needs. Contact us for any information!

State-of-the-art solutions

The security cameras that make up our systems are equipped with high-resolution video capture sensors (full HD or higher), motion detection, facial recognition, thermal monitoring, infrared LEDs for night vision (Night&Day) and much more.

Thanks to the SD card slot, all cameras, both outdoor and indoor, are designed to save recorded images or, alternatively, a video recorder can be integrated into the system to store information for longer.


So why choose
one of our camera home security systems?

Here are the main plus points:

  • Monitoring. Von Wunster Next systems are compatible with the major operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac), allowing you to monitor your property wherever you are.
  • Information. Thanks to the software that comes with each of our video surveillance systems, whether indoor or outdoor, you can receive real-time notifications and updates on the status of your system.
  • High resistance. Innovative materials and high quality construction allow our products to function even in the most adverse conditions.


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