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Incentives for alarm and video surveillance systems

Are you thinking of installing a security system to protect your home or business? With the Renovation Bonus, you can take advantage of special incentives for the purchase of alarm and video surveillance systems throughout 2021.

Furthermore, with Von Wunster Next - if you are the owner of a company - you have the opportunity to take advantage of financial services specially designed for our customers, in collaboration with the German leasing company Grenke, our partner. This opportunity concerns the services of plant rental and operational leasing.

Renting is a commercial service, which accelerates the growth of the business, freeing up financial resources and stimulating the search for innovation.

Financial services designed for our customers

These are tax benefits with a deduction of up to 50%, which can be accessed by those who:

  • Purchased and installed alarm and video surveillance systems from an alarm professional;
  • Paid for the product and service by bank transfer;
  • Is subject to IRPEF;
  • It is in order with the payment of TASI and/or IMU;
  • You can prove that you have carried out the work with all the relevant documents.
Operating Lease: Pay per use

The operating lease is the solution for entrepreneurs who want to equip themselves with durable goods, technologies and equipment without going into debt for the purchase. Because it is the use that creates added value, not the ownership. You can rent assets for a value starting from only 500 euros.

The operational rental is an alternative solution to the purchase of equipment: the traditional purchase in fact provides for the payment of the entire price of the asset even before starting to use it, while with this tool the purchase costs are distributed throughout the period of use, making it easier to plan costs thanks to the constant fees and allowing greater investment in less time thanks to small regular expenses instead of a costly initial expenditure.

The operational rental contract always provides for a duration of the rental itself, generally a period between 24 and 60 months. The periodic fee is fixed for the entire duration of the rental and is calculated in relation to the value of use of the asset itself and is always accompanied by an insurance policy that covers assets against fire, theft, accidental damage and atmospheric events. At the end of the contract you have the freedom to choose whether to return or convert the contract.

Many advantages: fiscal and financial

The rental is fully deductible for both IRES and IRAP purposes, and, moreover, since it is not a property, it does not provide for depreciation or asset management. The rental is a purely commercial contract, therefore no minimum duration is required to benefit from this advantage.

All Inclusive: transport, insurance and many benefits for you

Renting is synonymous with comfort. The formula may include insurance on the asset, thus limiting the risk for the goods in use, transport or installation costs. With the rental you have access to technological solutions, hardware and software of the latest generation. This will allow you to use cutting-edge digital equipment, planning investments, with 100% deductible solutions.

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