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Fire alarm system

Fire detection systems are a fundamental tool for the safety of companies and, in general, of all infrastructures.

Installing an excellent anti-fire system means constantly keeping the situation under control, working first of all on prevention and - in the worst case scenario - immediately detecting the event, in order to immediately inform the relevant authorities and activate the extinguishing systems as quickly as possible.

A fire detection system can consist mainly of two types of sensors:

  • Automatic smoke detection sensors in the supervised environment
  • Heat detection sensors (temperature rise in the monitored room).

Both systems are, of course, activated in real time.

Fire detection systems for Companies

Von Wunster Next's fire detection systems are manufactured in compliance with the current legal provisions and UNI standards. If you need to design and install a fire alarm system tailored to your business, contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

Fire detection systems for Residential customers

Do you need a fire protection system with which to secure your home or your property? Contact us for a free quote! With Von Wunster Next's customized solutions, your home will be constantly protected by the best technology available on the market.

Fire Prevention

All activities aimed at preventing the risk of fire, as well as ensuring safety in the workplace and other environments, are regulated by Italian law.

Each of our fire detection system is designed by competent figures and qualified to ensure the CPI (Fire Prevention Certificate). For a superior guarantee of safety, rely on the experience of Von Wunster Next.



Our fire detection systems also include, as required by current standards, toxic or explosive gas detectors, sound evacuation systems (EVAC) and emergency lighting systems that operate in the event of a power failure.


Contact us

For any information on our fire alarm smoke detection systems, please contact us without obligation and we will provide you with all the details as soon as possible.

For more information on how we can help you secure your business or home, contact us without delay, or book a consultation with our technicians!